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hair dreams do come true

Welcome to your new salon home

From the moment you enter, you will feel warm, welcome and at home.

You deserve to feel like the most important person in the room inside this space where you're never just a number.


I'm so grateful you're here and I absolutely can't wait to make your hair dreams come true!


Say goodbye to..

  • Over processed + damaged hair

  • dry, dull + limp hair that lacks shine

  • Wasting time & money on products that don't work

  • Feeling like your hair doesn't grow

  • Not knowing how much your appointment will cost

and experience a personalized 1:1 session in a suite designed just for you.

Escape the busy pace of a traditional salon...  

Sara has transformed my hair and has educated me on how to get my hair healthy and happy. She is fantastic at what she does and really cares about her clients. Her space is well thought out, clean and inviting. I look forward to seeing her and letting her work her magic. She has helped me so much in the short time that I’ve been her client. I hope to continue out relationship in the years to come!

Kristen S

Sara is amazing!! She is the best hair stylist/colorist I’ve ever had… she really focuses on the overall health of your hair and helps you implement a routine that works for your busy schedule. Can’t recommend her enough!

Ashley A

Sara takes you on a journey to healthy hair. She has a way of giving you what you want but letting you know how it will be achieved. It may not be a quick process but it’s always the right process. Standing behind her values and beliefs of giving a quality hair dressing or coloring or cutting experience you will always be happy with the result. I’m very happy to be a long time client of Sara’s.

Jennifer N



I run on passion..

Early on in my career, after many consultations, I realized a pattern.  Almost every new guest that sat in my chair seemed to share a very similar experience... and   that's the reason they sought out a new stylist and found their way to my chair.


The similarities of their previous experiences went a little like this... They were never truly happy with their hair, but kept returning to the same stylist.  Some didn't feel like they had an opportunity to speak up about it.. and others who did show a picture and have a brief consultation, were still never truly happy walking out of the salon.


Most ended up over processed because they were in the chair for hours while their stylist buzzed around the salon styling multiple heads at a time.


I quickly realized I wanted to specialize in hair coloring and communication creating a complete personalized salon experience.  Here, you will find a non judgemental welcoming environment where you will be heard.  You will leave feeling refreshed and just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.   


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