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Do you struggling with frequent service re-do requests?

In my 60 min virtual class, you'll Learn How to Slay Every Consultation

-Communicate and set expectations confidently 

-Generate trust for both the stylist and the client creating lasting relationships

-Properly estimate price of service during the consult and eliminate discounting at checkout 

Image by Lindsay Cash

Tired of feeling like..

You loved the way the hair came out, but they called unsatisfied

You don't have enough time booked for the service, so you're rushing through it?

You walk back to mix color and feel unsure what to do

you know the client doesn't' want to pay what its going to cost to achieve the color they want

you disagree with what the client is asking for

the numerous photos your client has shown you don't provide you with  a clear vision of what the client wants today?

I want to Slay Every Consultation

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